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8 Unusual Ways to Use CBD

CBD is a buzzword today, and there’s a reason for that. Cannabidiol is said to help with numerous health conditions, from insomnia to chronic pain, and it’s almost entirely safe. People eat it, drink it, bathe in it, inhale it and rub it into their skin. And then, there’s a whole variety of unusual ways of using CBD!


For example, did you know that your pets can also benefit from cannabidiol? Or that CBD can help you quickly deal with nasty migraines? And you probably haven’t even thought that it could enhance your sex life, right?


In this article, you’ll find several non-traditional ways to use CBD. They may seem weird, but trust us – they can be very helpful, and they’re completely safe when used carefully.


Pet Supplements


Believe it or not, but there may be many benefits of CBD for pets. It’s said to treat pain, help control seizures, stimulate the appetite, and deal with inflammation. CBD also has a calming effect, so it can help with your dog’s anxiety and stress.


When administering CBD to your pet, remember to choose the proper dosage and find a trusted manufacturer. Don’t give your own pills or oil to your pet, as the amount of CBD in it can be very high. Instead, look for specific dog treats, balms, and CBD tinctures in your local pet stores or online.




CBD lube is only gaining popularity but trust us: you’ll love it. Not only does it have an anti-inflammatory effect, but it also relaxes muscles, increases blood flow, and helps open your blood vessels. As a result, you get heightened sensitivity and better orgasms. Worth every cent, if you ask us. (Just remember not to use it with latex condoms – after all, CBD lube is oil-based).


Topical Relief Sticks


If you suffer from migraines or painful periods, CBD may become your favorite medicine. You don’t even have to pop any pills – just get a relief stick. While it won’t eliminate the pain completely, it will ease the discomfort and help you deal with bloating and nausea. Look for the options where CBD is combined with essential oils (peppermint, for example) to gain a better effect.


Bath Products


If you dream of a relaxing evening, take a bath with an aromatic, CBD-infused bath bomb. As the heat opens your blood vessels, CBD will be absorbed quickly by your skin, enhancing the stress-relieving effect and helping you unwind. Anti-inflammatory properties will also help soothe your sore muscles, so your body can relax, too.




For all the anxious chewers out there, CBD toothpicks were invented to help you calm down. They’re just like a regular toothpick, just infused with CBD. As you chew on it, the oils are released. Strangely, this method works – cannabidiol is absorbed into your system through saliva and capillaries in the mouth. The effect will be present, but don’t expect it to be very potent.




Everybody needs a hand sanitizer today, so why not opt for an unusual formula? Regular sanitizers can be pretty harsh on your hands, but CBD balances the chemicals out. Not only does it help moisturize your skin, but it can also kill bacteria (although not on a very high level). Look for the options with a high percentage of alcohol, and stay safe.



You may have heard about CBD-infused skincare, but it works for make-up cosmetics, too. While CBD may not be absorbed well through your lashes, it does have a great nourishing effect.


Many manufacturers also claim that it helps your lashes grow faster – but we’re not sure about that. However, the formula is 100% vegan, as CBD oil is used instead of beeswax.




A good night’s sleep is essential for your health, but in the middle of the pandemic, that can be problematic. Today, many people experience insomnia, nightmares, and even restless leg syndrome. CBD pillows are said to help with that – due to the anti-anxiety effects, they can calm you down.


They also can help you cut down on tossing and turning during the night thanks to innovative technology. Tiny capsules filled with CBD particles are contained in the pillows, and as you move during sleep, they break. The more you turn, the more CBD is released and absorbed by your skin. Voilà – and insomnia doesn’t bother you anymore.


A Final Note


CBD is proved to help with many health conditions, but you shouldn’t stick only to traditional methods. While pills and oils are great for dealing with common issues, like anxiety or pain, they can get pretty boring. If you want to try something new, experiment with unusual ways of using CBD: supplements, lube, relief sticks, toothpicks, bath products, and even pillows.


Some of these methods are not very potent, but they can be quite helpful when dealing with anxiety, stress, or pain. However, if you need CBD to act strongly and quickly, stick to the traditional administering methods: vaping and placing the oil under your tongue. Also, if you have any concerns regarding CBD, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.

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