EP 128 – Former US Navy: Daryl James – SSP Testimony (PART 2)


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Daryl James, US Navy:

Daryl’s military career began in January of 1999 when he joined the Navy to serve in the naval mobile construction battalion 7 where he served in the middle east and as well as two years of service at the JMF Joint Maritime Force/ RAF Royal Airforce base at the Saint Mawgan Base in the UK. During this time, he escorted executives into the underground portion of the base; where he encountered grey extraterrestrials and exotic technology which could scan his bio signs. He also encountered Michael Aquino & children in cages. A quarrel with a reptilian resulted in a forced slavery punishment in the mines on the moon where he was recruited into the secret space program to work with Kruger, Solar Warden, and Dark Fleet.



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