DnB Ep 326: Havana Syndrome, Mass Shootings and Targeted Individuals with Dr John Hall



In this episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan discusses the topics of Havana Syndrome, mass shootings and targeted individuals, with Dr John Hall, author of the books Guinea Pigs Technologies of Control and A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America. What has affected our ambassadors in Havana, Cuba and China? Why has the Government placed them under a gag order NOT to talk about their experience? What are the sources of recent similar attacks in Washington DC? Is it sonic targeting technology and if so, what is the reason behind these attacks?
For years, our country has been plagued by mass shootings and “Lone Wolf” attacks. From schools to shopping malls and even busy city streets. Is it possible that some of these individuals may be so-called “Targeted Individuals” who have been driven to the edge after years of electronic harassment and experimentation?

Join the Dudes n Beer podcast as we discuss the world of targeted individuals, targeting technologies and the possible outcomes of their use.
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