CBD Benefits with Erbaessentials Owner Brianna Austin – 4U Fitness Podcast: Episode 21


Nina Nyiri sits down with founder and owner, Bri Austin, of Erba Essentials. They discuss a supplement that is all the rage because of it’s incredible benefits… CBD!

[0:30] Bri talks about her background and how she stumbled upon CBD with co-founder Sabrina Pantano, Fitness Specialist at 4U Fitness Boca Raton.

[2:00] What is CBD? comes from Hemp (raw oil) has all the healing benefits of medical marijuana without the psychoactive “high”. You don’t have a high level of THC in the plant.

[3:30] Hemp is now legal (Farm Bill approved by Trump) so the floodgates are open and opening the doors for farmers to cultivate Hemp. It’s available in Coffee shops to Bars and Pizza places. CBD is now infused in just about everything.

[4:30] How to choose quality CBD? Bri explains that Transparency is key. Companies that have nothing to hide will put forth all of their information.

Visit Erbaessentials.com/cbd/18/ to check out videos and information. Non-GMO hemp grown in Kentucky and registered with the USDA. Bri and Sabrina also personally experimented to ensure their lotions were quality and did not have controversial ingredients.

[7:15] Breaking the Myths and Misconceptions of CBD: Absolutely zero dependency – similar to a vitamin.

[8:15] Benefits: Individuals Muscle aches, pains, arthritis, headaches, nausea, fibromyalgia, etc. can all benefit from CBD. Great for all ages and a wide variety of people.

[9:10] Most people won’t feel an instant sensation when first trying CBD, it’s genuinely more relaxing and calming. Bri recommends that you give it at least 1-2 weeks of taking the minimum recommended dosage, then up it from there. Everyone handles it differently – you may be more sensitive to it or may need a higher dose.

[10:25] Best recommendation for athletes is a combination of the lotion with the oil. Sample packs available.

[11:15] Difference between ICY Hot – it’s more so of a placebo effect. ICY Hot is only topical and doesn’t provide as much of a healing effect to the muscles.

[12:05] Trying CBD for the first time – it has an earthy taste. Can be mixed into protein shakes, water tea, made into a marinade or dressing, etc.

[13:40] Bri anticipates they will have capsules, gummies, protein powders and more products available.

[14:50] Quality and customer service is TOP priority for Erba Essentials. A high-quality experience is what Erbaessentials stands by.

[16:00] Animal line (pet products) coming soon – Horses, dogs and more!

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