B Noble is a New Cannabis Brand with Social Equity Built In


B Noble is hitting the cannabis scene with a focus on social equity and righting the wrongs of the War on Drugs.

With cannabis now legal for use by adults in 19 states, the conversation in many jurisdictions has turned to mitigating the harm caused by the failed, albeit continuing, War on Drugs. The recent approval of legalization proposals in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut hinged on robust social equity provisions that addressed the disproportionate harm caused by prohibition in communities of color. Meanwhile, early adopters of cannabis reform such as Colorado are now adopting measures to make their regulated cannabis industries more inclusive.

Many cannabis activists, however, argue that true social equity can come to legal cannabis only with the support of the growing industry itself, rather than relying on public policy alone to right the wrongs of the past. Many groups, including Cage-Free Cannabis, the National Diversity and Inclusion

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